Pre-sale Service

We provide you with consulting covering the entire product value creation chain: from the purchase of technical equipment and technical support to product optimization, you will get a one-stop service.

Shanghai Ziming Printing Products has many agents around the world to provide customers with high-quality and fast pre-sales and after-sales services in a timely manner.

Sales Hotline:0086-573-84771178

We provide you with the following pre-sale consulting services:

  • 01

    Provide tailor-made services for your different needs

  • 02

    Introduce the Deye products you are interested in in detail and propose a purchase plan that suits you

  • 03

    Provide appropriate advice and support for your current situation


After-sales Service

Engineer installation and debugging
Engineer training operation

Complete client computer archive

Establish a complete customer profile, regularly check the rental and after-sales performance of the product, and follow up to provide better products and better services.

Emergency repair service

Covering the nationwide maintenance network, full-time maintenance personnel are on standby at any time, and rush to the site for repairs within a limited time

Emergency reinforcement service

Once a customer's product has a problem that is difficult to solve in a short time, Sparta's unique product emergency reinforcement service will provide reinforcement to the customer according to the situation, and relieve the customer's urgent need.

After-sales Service