Ziming Printing Machine meets you at All in Print China 2020

2020-10-09 09:57:20 全网最大下注平台|腾讯百科 Viewd 1066

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global economy is facing a new round of sudden reshuffle. When the crisis comes, "opportunities" will also be born. How to win the final victory in this battle requires companies to think deeply.

The industry needs the promotion of a big show. It coincides with the 8th China International All in Print Exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai on October 12-16, 2020. As an internationally renowned exhibition brand covering the entire printing industry chain, All Print Exhibition can fully display the latest products and technologies in all aspects of printing, focus on industry hotspots, gain insights into industry trends, and provide printing companies with innovative development solutions.

The purple gas comes from the east, and it is obvious to see thousands of miles.

At this All Print Exhibition, Ziming Printer will also bring a product display of "new intelligent manufacturing, new applications, and new technologies", and continue to use Chinese manufacturing to open the era of printing intelligence! And explore the deep integration of printing technology and the entire industry chain.

In addition to the N2B421 main venue of the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the Ziming printer also set up a branch venue for the Zhejiang Ziming factory for 5 days. Through the activities and product demonstrations in the sub-venue, it can be well connected with the main venue, allowing more domestic printing and packaging companies to have a deeper understanding of Ziming printing presses and feel the vigorous development of national printing presses. This industry technology exchange feast!