Ziming Printing Machine's new factory opening month event officially started

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In the long history, there are new brands appearing every day, and there will be brands falling silently. The century-old brands left behind will always be impressive. Established in 1933, Ziming Printing Machine (originally named Shanghai Xieqi Machinery Factory) has a history of 87 years, and it is just around the corner from a century-old enterprise camp.

  Looking back on Ziming’s history, there are many turning points in this development process, from the initial private production of disc machines and paper cutters to the state-owned Shanghai Printing Machinery Factory No. 1 and then to the Sino-British joint venture Shanghai Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., until recently, built a new factory in Jiashan, Zhejiang, and established Zhejiang Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Since then, Ziming Printing Machinery Group has formally formed.

  On August 29, 2020, Ziming Printing Machinery's new factory opening month event and product demonstration was held in Jiashan. Distributors and customers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei, Beijing, Guangxi, Shandong and other places gathered together to witness The brand-new Ziming printer with "purple gas coming from the east, tomorrow will be better".

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Du Longfei, Chairman of Ziming Printing Machinery, delivered a speech.

He said: "Thank you all dealers and VIP customers for being here as promised. This new factory opening month will last until the All India Exhibition in October. This year is a special year. Affected by the epidemic, the entire printing industry is facing A great challenge, Ziming is willing to stand with users at this critical moment and bring smarter and more cost-effective products to the industry. Thank you for your trust and support of national brands. Let us work together and win the future together! "

As partners and special guests, Pinghu Yinghou Mr. Li Fengliang and Zhejiang Printing Industry Association Executive Vice President Mr. Jin Hanhong gave speeches.


"Thanks to Ziming for building such a good communication platform. This year is an era of crisis and opportunity. With the development trend of informatization, intelligence, digitization, and integration becoming more and more obvious, intelligent manufacturing is very necessary. We should also turn crises into opportunities and use various platforms for learning and communication to promote our own development." Mr. Jin Hanhong talked freely in his speech.

  Mr. Dong Zhengping, General Manager of Ziming Printing Machinery, gave a detailed and rich technical lecture. He introduced the current five major product series of Ziming Printing Machines, namely offset printing presses based on Ziming double-sided printing and Akiyama double-sided printing. Series, paper cutter series, sheet-fed gravure printing machine series, inspection machine and 3D digital printing machine based on Japan Ito.

"In my opinion, the current printing and packaging market has undergone many changes. For example, the era of incremental expansion has ended, the era of stock integration has arrived; the era of intensive farming has begun, and the era of enterprise differentiation has begun. In the future, the same The qualitative competition will become more intense, and the requirements for automatic configuration of printing equipment will be higher, and the printing machine will have more color sets and larger format, and double-sided printing that can be completed at one time is still one of the trends." .

  Subsequently, as an integrated supplier of supporting post-press solutions, Li Ang, deputy general manager of Pinghu Yinghou, gave a technical lecture. He first analyzed the development status and trends of the industry from an outside perspective, and pointed out that smart manufacturing is what enterprises must go in the future. Road.

  Factory tour, Ziming new factory + Pinghu Yinghou

  As one of China's national printing press brands, Ziming printers will display new products every time they appear at major exhibitions in the industry, and this product demonstration is no exception.

The spacious and bright Ziming new factory has one name after another on the signature wall of "Hand in hand to build a dream for the future". The exhibition workshop is a neat array of products. The products exhibited this time include: ZM2P104-AL double-sided monochrome flatbed printing machine, ZM2P2104-AL double-sided two-color flatbed printing machine, JP40 series double-sided multi-color sheet-fed offset printing machine, ZMA92C multi-function gravure printing machine, HZ92GB 3D Printing machine etc.

The guests present all said that Ziming has become the mainstay of the domestic printer brand, and some customers place orders on the spot.